September 2, 2010

What Is Love?

Sure, I like romantic movies.. not obsessed with them, but they make me sort of happy..but that "thing" which makes me happy, I haven't quite figured it out yet .. and although i secretly like imagining stories about it and writing it down, i simply cant work out what this thing is.. the thing that i am talking about obviously is "love"..  love, a four lettered word that makes the whole world go crazy.. and if a mere word can hold so much power, its got to be something.. i dont know what.. but something..
with so many rules its got me confused.. haha.. i dont even know if i am in it being stuck in a jungle, i cant decide which way to go.. good friends, bestfriends, just-friends.. everyone is different.. things that i should say, things that i have said, things that people are expecting me to say.. they all seem  to be so important..wierd, yes wierd.. and then trying to get what these people actually want.. confusing, yes very confusing
so what i make out of all this -about love- is :
Wierd - check
Confusing - check
Crazy - check
But makes you happy anyway - double check

lalala :)

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