September 15, 2010

Roses On A Grave

Human psychology is funny. People come and go, and you love and miss them. They affect you and whenever you think about them, they unknowingly put a smile on your face.

But sometimes, people you don't even know affect you. I realised it today when I went to give my grandmother's grave a visit. And although I've never met her and all I know about her is through my parents, I've always had this weird devotion for her. I loved and missed a person I barely even knew.

So I realised that we start believe things that are told to us, instead of actually knowing or searching about it.

Its the same with religion. We are born as Muslims, we are taught things about our religion by our parents and then the school and we start to believe what they tell us, without actually reading the Quran. We have love and respect for our religion and we are protective about it. We get angry when someone says something about it or burn its scripture, but we don't really know what it is and whats it says and when someone asks us to give proof for our claims, all we can do is stare.

My love for my grandmother is just an example to explain how blindly we follow our religion. Because it's much more than black veils, long beards and jihad.

By this, I don't mean to say that I should stop caring and  loving my grandmother, what I mean is that I should get to know her instead of just "loving" her. And probably, what I do find out about her will make me love her even more:)