September 3, 2010


I think this is how it always is.. people come and go.. You make friends, you hang out, you enjoy every moment, you text, you joke and every moment is worth living but then time passes by.. and either of you have to leave.. so now you wont meet them but you'll ''stay in touch".. so then its long internet conversations, all day long texting, hour long phone calls.. and then gradually it comes down to 5 minutes conversation, 2 or sometimes 3 texts and short calls.. and as the clock goes tick tick tick, you stop wanting to talk to them... I think this is how it always has been.. atleast with me.
Except this one many months since we last met, so many hours that have gone ding dong dong but still.. everytime i talk to that person, i want to talk more.. and every moment that i dont talk, feels like a waste.. so what is it with this person that the rest of my 'friends' dont.. and why is it that i am addicted to this person.. Love? I think not.. i think its just that you are my pack of heroin:)