October 18, 2012


We make mistakes and we hurt people. We feel guilty because we did not mean to hurt them. But people are unpredictable. Sometimes they hold grudges. Sometimes they forgive us without even asking. But the reason it still is important to apologize is so that we can put the guilt and the past behind us. Needless to say, apologizing is hard. Getting over your ego, to tell someone that you were wrong, take guts. And asking for forgiveness, for something that you're ashamed of, takes courage.
So we wait for a chance; the right moment. But the problem with the "right moment" is that its just a fancy word for time. And that doesn't change the fact that we're all a little coward. So just pick any moment you're with them, gather five seconds of blind, selfless bravery and tell them that you're really, truly, sincerely sorry.