September 6, 2010

Honestly : NOT the "best" policy

Oh yeah, it isnt. I mean seriously, people tell me that I dont open up and give out opinions. But the reason I stay quiet is that I dont really want to tell whats actually on my mind and I dont want to hurt anyone with whats-on-my-mind. But then its like "why mustafa why? Why dont you tell me the truth".. So I am like FINE, I think this and that and this and that blah blah blah. And then the tears comes down.. so then I do the same thing to myself : "Why mustafa why? why do you have to tell the truth" *Bang my head*. But its not entirely me, I mean if you know you cant handle it, try keeping your curosity to yourself, and do me the favour by not asking me.
Ofcourse, sometimes you definitely should tell the truth even if it hurts..actually a few.. but anyway if you want to stay out of the drama and the extra trouble, DONT BE HONEST. Make something up, anything at all. (Often lame stuff work too)...So just make up a story, and stay happy forever and ever :D

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