April 1, 2011

Messy Times

There are times when we want to be alone, quite and just slow everything down 'cause everything is a mess. We walk quickly to avoid people from talking to us, look at our phones blankly and type randomly to make people think we are doing something really important because we cant show and tell everyone the way we are feeling. So we hide it. But there are people who get us. People who know how that something's up when we get lost in thoughts when other people are talking to us. People who can stare us in the eye and tell that we are faking a smile. So when they ask us to talk and tell them whats wrong, sometimes we burst out with anger. Because we are confused and scared and annoyed. We tell them that we are perfect, they should stop caring about us and mind their own business. And we tell them that all we want is to be alone.
But sometimes, in those times, one of these people sitting right beside us; poking us in the arm and asking us to tell whats wrong is exactly what we need.