September 2, 2010

living life

*Rrinnnnnnggggg* the alarm goes off.. like everyday.. and its 9 o'clock.. I wake up, have breakfast, texting, read the news paper, watch tv, texting, computer, texting.. and the day goes on.. so yeah its a normal life..but what i am missing is some fun and excitment... I dont just want to just 'survive' life.. i want to LIVE it..
i want to go bungee jumping.. Not very good with water but i want to go scuba diving too.. i want to learn to fly a plane and how to ride a horse.. Ohhh and i want to climb a mountain, yeah.. and i sort of  want someone to do this with me.. i want to hold someone's hand when i jump off a plane for skydiving.. and i want to scream at the top of my lungs in the sky.. and when we finally come down, i want to laugh crazily at what we just accomplised..
I dont care if i dont have a lot of money.. and i am not on the highest post in my office.. I would rather live wild and happy.. with someone to share it with :)
And I just hope i find that someone very soon! :)

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