September 26, 2010

Sound Of the Waves

A wind blew on my face as I stared blankly into the darkness. The moon, hidden behind clouds, gave faint outlines of the things before me. I couldnt make out what the things were and I wasnt even trying to, I was just staring blankly.

The watch on my wrist said it was 1:46 AM. It was a hot summer night but somehow the wind had given me shivers. It wasnt because I was afraid. Or maybe it was, I couldnt think. In the quietness of night, I could hear the waves of the sea, a block away from my house. The sound soothed me and a strange feeling of comfort made a tear roll down my cheeks. I could think again. So I thought about the things people had done to me, things I had done to people, good memories, bad memories and so much more. They made me smile and cry. I thought and I thought as the time tick-tocked away.

The call of Azan made me realize how much time I had spent. It amused me how my legs werent aching with pain because of standing on the same place for hours. I wasnt tired at all but I walked to my room and lay on my bed. And I closed my eyes, smiled and went into a deep, calm, comfortable sleep.

I woke up, a little late, in the morning. But when I did, no more did I want to cry over my past like everyday before.
 Maybe I had moved on or maybe I just grew up. Or maybe I just learned to live life.

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  1. love the thought..

    no more did I want to cry over my past like
    everyday before.