September 7, 2010

Unsent Letters

Cleaning isnt really my thing, I mean seriously, whats the point of cleaning when it'll get messy anyway! But with my mom shouting at me for maybe the 50th time, I finally decided to clean my cupboard's drawer.

So I emptied the drawer on my bed and decided to put what I "really need" in the drawer. A lot of junk had find its place in my room for maybe years. So I started to sort things out.

The first thing that I found was a "slam book" which had been filled up by my cousins and friends ages ago. It had funny questions with even hilarious answers. So I decided to keep it for blackmailing all those people. It couldnt be included in my really-needed list, but still..

Next what I found was some CRAZY stuff ;things that I had kept to remember special memories from my college and school days. An empty juice and chips packet, some cards, masks, paper conversations and more really random stuff from when me and my friends got really hyper like leafs, burst baloon remains, grass, etc (Yes, that random). Each having an amazing memory for me to recall and so I smiled.

Alot of junk like empty paint tubes and dried up markers went into the trash can.

I had to keep my coin collection, from back when I was 10.

More and more trash.

A bit more.

Then I found a box with alot (ALOT) of pictures. So I decided to keep the best ones and put the rest, secretly, in my mom's picture drawer (Shhssss). With all the pictures gone, I found a small paper bag at the bottom of the box which had more pictures.. Some pictures were of my friends and the rest were of one friend. But these were different; they were printouts that I had printed to put into my diary. I found them useless now.. I wont be writing about these people in my diary anymore. So into the trash can they went.

Then there were loads of letters and cards that I had made for people.. to give them on special occasions and moments.. some of those moments had passed by and for some, I was still waiting. I couldnt decide what todo.. I would put them into drawer and then take it out, put them into the drawer and take them out again. But then I decided that it was stupid. Some of these times might never come and maybe I wont meet those people, so I decided to throw them. They all had so much to say and so many honest feelings so I didnt want to get rid of them. But then I found the courage, tore them all into pieces and threw them away too.

As I listened to Dana Glover singing "Thinking over" on my radio, I took a deep breath and smiled at what I had accomplised. For my mom, it was a junk, But she didnt know how much courage did I had to have to clean this one drawer...