May 13, 2012

It Was My Fault!

There are times when we anticipate the wrong end. Times, when we make bad decisions, mistakes. And when they turn out  wrong, we go into denial 'cause we are afraid of being wrong. We defend ourselves and in fear, make ourselves believe a totally different version of truth that fits into our "story of righteousness".We explain to everyone how it wasn't our fault, how we were right and honestly start believing every bit of it. But what we forget is that we don't have to explain ourselves to anyone, we don't have to let people judge and label us as a bad person for the mistakes we have made and we definitely do not have to be right all the time. What we forget is that it is perfectly okay to be wrong.


  1. How trueeee :')

  2. So true. We find ways to hide our guilt but deep down, we know it was our fault. And it's better to admit it and get it out of the way than let it rot in a corner of the brain and let it nag you until you resolve the conflict.