June 9, 2011


Every story has got to have an ending. So we plan them ahead and then run them over and over a million times in our mind. We anticipate what’s going to happen, how people will react and what they’ll say. Then we decide what we'll say or how we’ll react. Maybe that we won’t get over excited and just smile instead or that we won’t cry and keep the people around us strong. But the thing about these plans is that they are just piece of imaginations. And we imagine them because, in our minds, we can make them as perfect as we want them to be. In real, however, these plans almost never work. Sometimes the timing is a mess; its all too quick and we can’t finish the line we practiced we'd say. Sometimes we anticipate the wrong reaction. And sometimes we don't even know ourselves. So we don't get our perfect endings and it sucks. But ultimately, we realize that the ending doesn't really matter. The rest of the story does.


  1. yea thats exactly what happens to mee almost all the time but yea as u said that endings dont matter :)

  2. What a brilliant piece of writing! =)

    I would really like to share this on my blog as a guest post, if you don't mind. Please let me know if this will be okay.

  3. Oh wow, thankyou Arslan. I would be honoured!

  4. True.

    Planning rarely ever helps, at least with life.


  5. yea the end doesnt really matter...cause when the end is near there is nothing else to read or think about hehe...great post!! and i love the title of your blog!

  6. Mustafa!! This was too goood!!

  7. ufff...dats ME...thinking n over-thinking a situation n esp. ppl's reaction a 10000times...at least today is one of those days ...

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  8. Commendable narration, Muf.
    You're absolutely right, ending doesn't really matter, the rest of the story does!

  9. Ah! Like toh-tal-lee!
    Even when know this, you still plan and practice! :|