January 30, 2011


We don't like being scared. And when someone asks us about our fears, we laugh and tell them we aren't scared of anything. Because we want them to know that we are brave. But we all are a little scared. Sometimes we are scared of what might happen in the future. Sometimes we are scared of the things we did in the past. And sometimes we are just scared of being scared. What we dont realize is that its okay to be scared. Being brave doesnt mean that we are not scared : It means that we are scared but we can face our fears. It means that we look it in the eye and be able to fight it. Being brave is looking down from a building for a acrophobic and stepping in water for a hydrophobic. So, fear isnt that bad at all. Sometimes fear is what we need: A little push that makes do things that we wouldn't do otherwise. And sometimes, fear can be awesome.


  1. I am scared of lizards and of drowning. =|
    But the fear that comes when I am standing on the top of a mountain and looking down upon the land, with the cold wind blowing makes me feel alive.

  2. Yes, sometimes, fear can be awesome. So true. An interesting piece.

    And the one thing I am always scared of is stray dogs, (and khi does have its fair share of them).

    And hey, thanks for following the blog.

  3. to pursue your dreams you have to be brave. Nice post.

    Followed your blog! =)
    do visit

    btw your blog's name is cool =D

  4. Heyyy love your about me :)

  5. I'm scared of moths. xD

    Love this post. And your blog's name, it is epic.

  6. Fear can be awesome? I don't agree. No one LIKES being afraid, which is why they lie about it in the first place.

  7. love your blog name.

    following you now =)

  8. nice post..it reminds me of a saying..
    when u have no one in ur life who u can call and say, “I’m scared,” then ur life is
    superficial—u need somebody to lean upon and can trust enough to say,“I’m scared, I need help.”